Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad blogger (again)

I made a pact with myself to try to blog every day once I'd got the Christmas rush out of the way (even if I didn't have work to show) but that seems to have fallen by the wayside again!! If anyone knows where I could get another five hours a day I would be very grateful :)) So this week so far I have:
finished a wedding stationery order

You can't actually tell from the photo but the pink bows are on the stems of crossed champagne flutes!
Made 20 extra invitations for a client whose order I finished before Christmas

Cuttlebug Paisley embossing folder and red gems.
Made evening invitations for a friend

and then last night I made these

after a Nicki asked on a forum if anyone would like to help. Tonight I will make some navy blue ones and DH is calling on his way home to get me some more fleece (throws from Primark....£2 each and I got four hats and four scarves out of the pink one!!) They have been embellished with assorted flowers cut with the Big Shot from felt which have been glued on (it's the first time I've cut fabric with dies!) and assorted buttons which have been stitched on.

I've got one more post to do which will be my 800th so I think a little blog candy might be in the offing. I will try to get something sorted today and post either later on or tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

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