Monday, January 04, 2010

New jewellery for 2010

I thought I would add a little preview of my new jewellery before it hit's my web site. I finally got round to using some of the beads that I bought to take to Cornwall or bought in Cornwall this year. I always take beading stuff on holiday with me as it's much easier to transport than card making stuff and this was the reason I bought my first beads! I wanted something to do while we were away and bought enough beads to fit into a little compartmented box...........if only that were still the case :) Very quickly I went from this

to this (please excuse the clutter, I'm reorganising my room!)

and now I've made these


This one was made after finding a free pattern a couple of years ago on t'internet. However, I lost the pattern so can't credit the designer-sorry.

They are all available to buy and will be appearing on my web site shortly or I can add the prices here if anyone is interested.

Right off to work now.....I have wedding stationery and birthday cards to make :) Thanks for looking.


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