Thursday, September 29, 2011

A classic look!

Yesterday was time to change the shop window and this time I opted for a classic black and white look. I love black and white and I think up till about 10 years ago they were about the only colours in my wardrobe. I'm a bit more adventurous now but still have lots of black and white clothes.

Anyway, I digress

I decided to coordinate the table setting that are in the shop too and this is the outcome.

I do hope you like it :)

Whilst I've been editing my photos I have been watching Tantrums and Tiaras....are these people for real? I don't usually pass comment on anything like this but spray tanning and applying make up to a 15 month old baby? I am so far behind in the tv stakes it's unbelievable lol. I realise that this was a hot topic of conversation a couple of years ago but not being a great tv watcher I'm a bit out of tune, I mean, I watched my first (and last) episode ot TOWIE the other evening...yawn

I'm still filling up the stand in between orders and have a definite run on 18th birthday cards this month.
 Fairy image is from The Happy Happy Birthday cd from Funky Hand.

Papers from Funky Hand and image Penny Black.
Bed time now.

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