Friday, September 23, 2011


I think there is a pattern emerging here but I shan't say anything incase I spoil things ;)
The stationery order I mentioned yesterday was delivered today
The picture just do these little beauties any justice at all, they are gorgeous. The card is a really lovely pearlescent card with the fine laser cut border and the hot foiled sentiment.

I then slightly altered a fascinator by adding a few black feathers as per the clients request, so it went from this
to this
The lady in question didn't want any crystals or anything else adding, just a coule of black feathers to lift it a bit, very straightforward! I love days when I have jobs like the last two in because as they aren't huge jobs, I feel as though I've done loads lol

I had to bring the golden wedding invitations home with me as my printer decided it didn't like the card I was using. Luckily the trusty old knackered one in my craft room served me well yet again (even if I do have to do a head clean every time I need to print something in colour!!!)
Bed time now. 

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