Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Terrible Tuesday

Why was it so terrible I hear you ask....well, I spent almost all day...well, about 7 1/2 hours cooped up on a busy train :( They are really not meant for two people sat side by side on a long journey and what made it worse was the fact that we had travelled down First Class (spoilt or what :)). I couldn't stretch my legs or my back, well in fact, I couldn't get comfortable at all and to top it off, my Kindle ran out of charge about half an hour from home and I couldn't be bothered to go rooting through my bag to find the charger so I sat and stared at the  poor unloved gardens we went past. It's made me a little more optimistic about mine though....I'm not the only one who still has a scruffy garden as I can't get outside cos of the blooming weather.

I had a fabulous weekend in Cornwall thanks to my wonderful hubby and this was the view from our hotel room window!

I'd suffer a crappy train journey every day if I was rewarded with a view like that whenever I was at home. It's my dearest wish to live in Cornwall and I've wanted it since I fell in love with the county when my dad was stationed down there when I was 14 (just a few years ago!) We do try to get down as often as possible but every time I go, the leaving gets a little harder!

I will hopefully be on the right track by tomorrow as I think I'm still in CMT (Cornish Maybe Time lol, the clocks did go forward whilst we were there too)

Thanks for dropping by. xx

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