Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding stationery and.....

Christening invitations (which I have been making alongside my wedding stationery for the last six years. I feel the need to add that bit as last time I added Christening invitations to my blog, I was accused of copying someone else....a bit rich really, as it turns out!!!) Sorry about that, I just needed to say it.

Anyway onto the Christening invitations

I was really pleased when this order came in as I made mummy and daddy's wedding stationery two years ago. This is the second such order this year :)
and the wedding stationery consists of 36 day invitations with reply cards and 100 evening invitations which are being delivered today.

More of my stationery can be seen here

Right...DT work here I come, then it's an exploding box and a rubbing wedding album!

Have a nice weekend and let's hope the sunshine stays with us.

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