Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding menus, place cards etc

One of my lovely brides and grooms got married on Sunday and I did all the reception stationery last week for them. Time was so tight with it I worked all night on Thursday and it was one of those jobs where everything goes wrong. You know what I mean? I ordered the wrong card by mistake then the card I wanted was out of stock. I showed the alternative card to my groom and he liked so I went to order more and the supplier had run out of that one too. It should have been delivered last Wednesday morning but was delayed till Friday which meant they could get it to me on Monday!! Anyway, it all turned out alright in the end.....the supplier received a delivery of just enough card for my order and hubby drove down to pick it up......phew!

Orders of service

Place cards
 Table names

 Tri fold menus

 Seating plan
The seating plan has a spray of Swarovski crystal coming from the top of the bottle but the camera hasn't picked them up.
Post box
They certainly picked a fabulous day to get married, the weather was absolutely fabulous. I'm really looking forward to seeing the photos.

Thanks for looking.

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