Sunday, December 04, 2011

All done!

Finished, packed and collected by my very beautiful (and very happy) bride this morning for her wedding tomorrow......and then they are off to Mexico for a week. How I wish I was going with them - well maybe not on the honeymoon but I could certainly hack some warm sunshine at the mo, I hate winter!!!

 Although the colours on here look like a dark grey, they were actually sage/olive green and ivory and looked really lovely together. The orders of service were just paper versions without a card cover. I did 190 favours, 190 place cards, 100 orders of service and the seating plan. I was still making changes at 8 o'clock last night as people were backing out of the wedding and were being replaced with others!

DH and I are going to York for the day tomorrow and then on Tuesday I still need to make some semblance of order in my little studio/craft room and make a start on our personal Christmas cards. Each year I say that I am going to start in January and make them throughout the year but I never do. I have real difficulty getting my head round doing Christmas before I have been on holiday in August lol.

Right on to do some more posting while I'm watching God that girl can sing!


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