Friday, June 07, 2013

Kanban Thursday

Hi everyone, I'm late again with my blog post but this time it's only by 24 hours :) I have so much to do at the mo it's unbelievable with trying to get on top of the garden after this diabolical spring (I wish I could afford a gardener but the last time I got one to help me he pinched half of my bulbs :() My greenhouse needs cleaning too as one of us left the wick up too high and it's all covered in soot! The mop and bucket and Jeyes fluid is at the ready.

So my card is one for my box (I will add the 'ingredients' list later, I don't have my notebook with me at the mo as I'm sat watching The Voice (go Leah!!!)

This card was made for my best friend and her hubby on the birth of their first granddaughter.
 Thanks for dropping in.

Bfn xx

PS Don't forget the challenges over on Kathy's Waffle Sketch File and The Crafting Muskateers, they are both month long challenges so there is still plenty of time for you to enter. xx

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