Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All's well.......

.........that ends well! The kitties came through their op brilliantly and so far there are no ill effects. They do look strange though with a baldy bit on their sides. It's not as big as I thought it would be. They have to go back to the vet tomorrow just for a quick check up and then next Thursday they have the stitches out.

I finished the first birthday order last night and this is the third card.
I am really pleased with this one as it is the first time I've made a pop out card. I saw it a few years ago on tv (using expensive templates) and thought "I can do that" but never actually got around to it. The papers used are a mixture of Kate by MM Kids and Hopscotch mat pad by K & Co.

I have an order in at the moment from a friend who said "we have 2 weddings to go to in July and I went to town the other day to get horse shoes off our Billy (grandson). Then I thought, "No I won't Jackie can make me something!" and that is all she said.................ouch! lol I've been having a play this morning and this is what I've come up with.
I shall hang it from white organza ribbon through the marks on either side of the plaque. I will also switch the initials round so that the 'L' starts the first word. This one is only a sample and not the real thing, it's just to give Anne the idea of what I'm on about! Not sure about the 2nd one as the couple are Spanish and are getting married in Spain.
I shall now see if I can catch up with my challenges (I might have said this yesterday) as I have a wedding order to do this afternoon.

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