Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday

After doing very little craft wise over the weekend my intention last night was do do a couple of challenges from the Just Bex Forum but that wasn't to be. I shuffled lots of things round my desk and made a mess but didn't actually come up with anything constructive apart from cutting out an Explosion Box. Today, however, fared better. I started this morning at 7.30 am by putting together the Explosion Box seen here
Next on my list came some work cards for hubby as he has 2 weddings at the weekend and no cards. I actually made 5 altogether so am now in front. They were all varieties of this one.

Not very challenging but quick to make!

I then had another 'special' birthday card for the baby who I've done the box for. She will be 1 on 25th June and her cousin is the baby I did the last pink box and other Christening cards for. I decided to make this one. It was originally a challenge, before Christmas, by Sheila (Manicstamper) on the Crafts by Carolyn forum and I won! Sheila gave us written instructions only, no pictures or diagrams, and it was quite tricky as we had no idea what we were actually making! lol

The card is like a long concertina which folds up into a small box.

And last but not least, I've finally done Nicky's Friday night challenge. The challenge was in 2 parts, the first of which I did on Friday. This was the brief for the second part

Create a LO using only cardstock, paper and pens (and photos, of course ). No stamps, no ink, no embellishments, no computer-journalling, although cutting-tools can be used for card and paper, such as die-cutters, punches, etc.

What a wonderful back drop-my trusty old camping table. This comes out when I have seating plans to do. It hasn't been put away yet as I have just done three in the last two weeks.
Till tomorrow when hopefully there will be more to show. :)).

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Lythan said...

Wow you have been busy. Awesome work! I love the colours of your exploding box.