Saturday, June 30, 2007

JB Challenge part 2

Finally finished so here goes.

Challenge 2-Fab Blooms
Challenge 3 - Die Cut Dreams

Challenge 4 - Simply Stamping Challenge 5 - Remember To......
Challenge 6 - Paper Roses
Challenge 7 - Something To Wear
Challenge 8 - Flowers To Die For
Challenge 9 - Born on the 4th July
Challenge 10 - Doodle Doodle Doo
Challenge 11 - Using Your ScrapsAnd last but not least

Challenge 12 - Tavelling Trails


Jules said...

Lovely cards. I particularly like the lilac flower one, but then I'm very much into lilac at the moment so no wonder it took my eye!

Thanks for sharing.

Jules x

mum on the run said...

Blimey!! What a fab lot of cards, I love them all!! Well done on completing so many of the challenges.

Leigh said...

all great cards Jackie :)