Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nosey who??

Yet another challenge for the JB forum This is the (rather lengthy but good for filling a blog) brief

OK so this is something I really NEED and have been meaning to do it for AGES! So the challenge that will unfold over the next couple of weeks will hopefully help you create something that is totally stunning - but also USEFUL! And what is it? Have you guessed yet? Well we will be creating a personal organiser file - TOTALLY dedicated to our crafting! No reminders of dentist appointments etc allowed - ooh no this is ALL about CRAFT. So the first part of the project is the binder itself. We challenge you to decorate a binder and title it with something Quirky. Clearly the next stages will involve decorating dividers AND populating them with all the information we ask for No starting now because the first few WILL be specific sections But I will say - at the end of this you will have a gorgeous reference point which will help you with WHEN to craft, WHAT to craft, WHO to craft with ......... do you get my drift? And have no fears - there is flexibility with some of the sections for you to use how you wish - because this is all about USING it to get supremely organised. POINTS SYSTEM Well of course the little shiny point will be allocated for EACH stage completed in time. SO by 7pm next Friday for this round. We also will be rewarding people who finish the entire project within the deadlines an additional 5 points. YES you read this correctly - a Total of at LEAST 11 points for this baby OK are you ready? Off you go then to create the binder itself. If you would prefer to use A5, or even a Box tabbed system this is FINE - you will be using it daily so make it work for you. I have nearly finished my binder and will make sure piccies go up tomorrow for you all. So READY STEADY GO
I actually finished it yesterday but forgot to ask hubby to photograph it. This is what my folder started out as

and this is what I've done to it!!

and here is daddy's little helper! LOL

Papers are from the original Papermania Colossal Pack, the small flowers are Prima and the large flower on the front is from Dunelm Mill.

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