Saturday, June 02, 2007

A bird in the hand worth more than two in the bush, but I'm not sure exactly how many!! We have a huge Passionflower growing across the front of our sheds and I got sidetracked this afternoon on my way down to the greenhouse. Upon further investigation, this is what I found. Of course I had to come back in for the camera. Mummy blackbird had disappeared by the time I got back out so it was a case of shove the camera into the bush and hope for the best! What with hubby, kids, cats, fish, frogs and now baby birds, it's beginning to feel like living in a zoo. LOL

I've managed to do my first card for Sue's template challenge on the Just Bex forum. It started out as a unisex card but I think it has finished up as a male card! See what you think.

And this is the template.

Won't get much crafting done tomorrow as I am going to see my mum and dad's new cottage and it will be the last time I see them before they jet off to sunny Florida next Sunday.

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