Saturday, June 30, 2007

Slave drivers exactly what they are on the JB forum I turned my back for 5 minutes and 8 more challenges appeared! This is just what I need as we are now sandbagged in the house unable to leave the village except in an emergency and it is raining steadily. Just what we don't need!

So far I have managed 3 so here goes.
These are the final 3 dividers for my folder......

I've used Cuttlebug flowers and Rhonna Farrer Swirls 2 stamps, both favourites at the mo.

Est26 set this challenge and here are her instructions:
Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to create a LAYOUT with an animal theme. This could be of an actual animal, a child (or adult...!) dressed as an animal or feature somebody who has an animal nickname!!! The only stipulation is that an animal word MUST appear on your page
And here are my puddytats!!

and my template challenge by Bex

and this is my page-floodwater just behind where we live!

NB I'm not trying to make light of this situation as a lot of my dear friends live there and have lost everything. I have had ties with the village for over 13 years as two od my kids went to school there and I worked in the school for 7 years. One of DD's dear friends lives in the house next door to the shop with the red crosses on the windows. My mum remembers the last time Toll Bar flooded in 1947. I just wanted to preserve this memory as (hopefully) we will be lucky enough to escape this horror.

I feel very guilty over the fact that we are dry and they have had to move out. I desperately want to help but we can't leave. I shall be there though to help them clean up and if I can supply things like curtains we don't use then I will. A lot of the residents are single parents too and have no house insurance. As well as household possessions, the kids will have lost toys and books etc so at least I can help to replace those.

I will be back later with more of the challenges.

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Sue said...

Jackie I love the reasons behind the SB LO


hope you get tp help the VERY soon