Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday again!!

Where on earth is this month going, it's going to be C*******s again before we know and I've got no cards made LOL
So what have I been up to then? Well apart from opening one of the wounds up in my mouth (I caught it with my toothbrush) I've got a fair bit done.

First off was finishing DD1's wedding stationery. She came round and helped me finish the last couple. I wonder if it qualifies for the DCM challenge from last Friday!! This week starts nice and easy...Any card, any theme and any colour scheme of your choosing - but the catch... some one else must actually make and assemble the card for you... (with your supervision)!Friends, relatives, or if there is no one close to hand, why not send instructions via email. I shall try it and see........

and let you know how I get on :))

1 comment:

tiggertastic said...

Fantastic cards, the design is lovely and it is good your friend got to help you as well

Sarah x