Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Made in Cornwall

I made this necklace whilst I was on holiday from a pattern I found on my lap top from a long time ago. I've no idea where I got the pattern from but I think it might have been About Beads. Although my name is on the picture, I took the copyright symbol off as the pattern doesn't belong to me.

I love this colour combination.....I think the pale pink really suits the turquoise beads. There are over 1800 seed beads on this necklace, I had to count them so I could cost it properly LOL. I also made the necklace in black and clear and gold and clear but I haven't photographed them yet.


Traceyr said...

What a lot of hard work has gone into this necklace. Don't envy you having to count the beads though.


Beryl said...

Fantastic. You must have such a lot of patience (and very good eyesight.) It's really beautiful.
Beryl xx