Sunday, December 16, 2012

Funky Friday

I know it should now be Funky Sunday but I haven't known what day it's been all week, I've thought it has been Saturday since Thursday!!! Hubby works a lot at this time of year and mix that with my 18 and 19 hour days at the mo and it sort of throws one a bit :)

I had a slight accident this morning too. I'm working on a largish project for my first post on the new look Get Funky blog which is now called Get Funky & Craft! I got myself to a strategic point this morning and photographed the pieces I'd done and moved them off my desk onto my open top drawer which, at the moment is an extension of my desk.....and promptly tipped my coffee everywhere. It missed my lap top, thank goodness, but went all over me and some jewellery components which were on my desk so I had to move everything to mop up and clean the desk down. I'm just thankful that I moved my mystery project :)

My cards this week were made on Thursday ready to go out on Friday as part of an order for 21 assorted cards.

Papers used are from the fabulous new Christmas down load section of the Funky Hand web site and all of the images are from last year's Christmas section which are on the Twelve Crafters Crafting cd

That's it for this evening folks. i'm up at  six and have another busy day ahead of me so I will playcatch up shortly.
Take care and thanks for reading.

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Beryl said...

I bet your craft room is stacked with gorgeous cards like these at the moment - well probably all the time. Hope things calm down for you soon and you manage to get a restful Christmas. Yeah right! Good luck with that one.
Beryl xx