Monday, December 03, 2012

By the skin of my teeth!

I'm really pleased with how much I've achieved today. In fact I've been so busy I even forgot to blog my cards. It's going to be a really quick post this evening so I can get in whilst it's still Monday (and I only have six minutes of it left lol).

So what did I make?   Ta daa

All of the images are from The Digi Stamp Boutique.

Back tomorrow. (Three minutes to spare :))


Beryl said...

Great .makes' Jackie. I'm rushing around like the proverbial fly myself too. Lots to get finished in the next 3 days as I'm going down south with all the Christmas stuff on Friday and some of it I haven't even started to make. And I thought I was so far ahead this year. Teach me to get going in January next year. Hope you have a productive day today.
Beryl xx

Kathy said...

Wow Jackie, these are fantastic