Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Kanban style :)

I hope everyone is ok and keeping warm. The timing for the delivery of my new Kanban kit is perfect (thank you Karen & co) as it means that instead of going out in the freezing cold I can stay indoors and craft :) I'm still fulfilling orders and have yet to start on our personal ones yet! We have finally started the prezzie shopping and will try to get the majority of it finished this week. I plan to do some internet shopping tomorrow too as I really dislike shopping so unfortunately I am responsible for the decline of town centre shopping :(

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, my Kanban delivery (they are bringing out some truly fab stuff at the moment and great plans are afoot for 2013 so watch this space :)) I couldn't resist making this card.

 Sugar Buttons Pretty Paper Pad
Sugar Rose glittered b/g card
PCT9232 Bonnie in Hoodie
900911 3mm pastel bling

Thanks for dropping by, take care :)


Hazel said...

Kanban comes up with some stuff - love this card - like the way there is the back to the figure as well as the front (I've used some similar ones and they seem to go down well). I'm with you on the internet shopping - have had quite a few deliveries this week, but still need to hit the high street again for a few bits. x

Jo said...

Absolutely love it!!