Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost the weekend!

Does anyone know where time is going? The weeks just seem to disappear along with my time management!!

Yesterday disappeared in a blur and I got slightly distracted from the order of services. Well, I say distracted...............I didn't actually make any *blushing icon* But this is what I did make

On the stand
In the box. The lid has an acetate panel so the card can be seen. I don't make many Bookatrix cards now, just special orders. I got put off slightly when I had to make 16 with boxes for a shop!!!

The phone charm is for one of my best customers. It is made with black and clear glass beads.

I still feel ropey as I can seem to shift this head cold/sinus problem. Not good when you spend all day with your head down.

Right, I really must do the order of service today. I have the seating plan to do as well and I am delivering them on Saturday. Next week I am doing the favours and then that is mum and dads stationery finished. I have a leaving card to do today too so if I revisit, I need a size 10 up the bum!!


Andrea said...

Great bookatrix card

Montysmum said...

What a stunning card! and I love the phone charm!

Hazel said...

I hope you're making headway today with the orders of service. That bookatrix card is fab (have never got into these).