Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting nowhere fast!!!!

I could do with another couple of months slotting in between now and Thursday............that way there might just be a chance that I will be slightly more ready than I am now LOL I've just looked at my 'to do' list and haven't made any headway at all, I keep getting side tracked. My idea was that I finished work last Friday which would have given me time to get myself sorted but 'Oh no' it just ain't happening!! I got a frantic message from one of my shops this morning "Can we have some more Snowman Poop please?" "yes" says I "but am on my way to town, will drop it round later." "Ok" says she "and we've just sold the last bag of Reindeer Food, can we have some more of that too?" I whizzed round town and didn't get what I wanted (I think half the population of England were queuing in our M & S..............has no-one told them that the shops are only shut on Thursday and that most will re-open on Friday!!!!
Another thing I got side tracked by was this mini album for my friend. I'm not really sure why I made it when her prezzies were all sorted anyway.........just another ploy to stop me doing the dreaded HW I suppose LOL

I actually used my Sizzix Album cover and page die for the first time in about 3 years. I think if cover die hadn't fallen off the shelf when I pulled some ribbon off a roll (the ribbon was trapped round the die but I didn't realise!) then she wouldn't have got the album LOL All the papers and bits and bobs used were on my desk.
My 'To Do' List
Crackers (I must be :))
5 gift voucher wallets (2 are in progress) done
2 necklaces for DD2 and her best friend almost done
a gardeners year book for my mum
a 'birthday book' and calendar for my brother who is lousy at remembering birthdays!! nearly done the birthday book (but have scrapped the calendar-he won't use it any way!!)
post it note holder for DS
cd clock for DS's best friend
a gift bag for a special friend done-see next post
Dad's birthday cards (Boxing day!)
5 forum birthday cards
clean my house erm it's even worse now
pop to town first thing on Monday morning to pick something up. done

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