Saturday, December 27, 2008

My 'To Do' List

I finally managed to get my to do list cracked off, well most of it anyway!
So, the first item on the list is make crackers

along with the ties for the napkins and the choccy money I used as table confetti! I also made place cards which I forgot to add to my list.
The next thing on my list is 2 necklaces for DD2 and her best friend.
I only managed to photograph this one as DD needed the one for her friend straight away but it's very similar to this one, just a few different beads!
Then I had a gardeners book for my mum which I abandoned as I ran out of time. She didn't know she was getting one so I can make it any time.
A birthday book for my brother..........I was cheeky here and wrote everyone's birthdays in it!! It made him laugh :)
I also decided to make one for DD1. The papers used on the first one are by Little Yellow Bicycle and the second one are Brenda Pinnick.
So next I did a Post it Note holder for DS
I also decided to make one for DH as uses post its when he's djing, for writing down requests.
Dad's birthday cards which I finally got finished at 2.30 am on Christmas Day!!!
Large letters were cut on the Robo using Doodlebug 'Bazzil' card and the rub ons (I think) are by Mambi. the candles were hand cut using some oddments of K & Co papers from the mat stacks. The card was based on the little self adhesive cake button in the bottom corner. I think it's from a Sue Dreamer sheet.
The house was cleaned to within an inch of it's life and 'most' of the ironing was done and the rest was shoved into our bedroom :)
So the new list looks something like this:

My 'To Do' List
a gardeners year book for my mum
cd clock for DS's best friend (no rush because he's a JW and doesn't celebrate Christmas so will give it to him next week)
5 forum birthday cards

Debbi Moore samples from new kit
DD1's wedding invitations

gut my craft room


Hazel said...

Lovely crafting here (as usual). Love the necklace. Birthday books are a good idea (especially writing the birthdays in - love the idea!)

annmarie said...

Gut my craft room sounds a mite drastic .....

Kathy said...

These cards are fantastic Jackie. You are SUCH a great big girlie swot making your crackers though. I actually bought some ready-to make-and fill ones and didn't even manage to make those! Thank goodness for a last minute garden centre trip!