Friday, December 05, 2008

Thank you.........

...very much to Wendy from Secret Crafter for my £20 voucher to spend in her shop. My goodies arrived yesterday and this is what I got

Not had chance to play yet as we didn't get back from London till just after one yesterday and I had a large job to do for a local hotel!

This was my large job

140 of the bl**dy things :))
My mum came over to give me a hand and she stayed till eight oclock last night I carried on until 1.45 this morning when I couldn't see straight. My parents came back over this morning as I had a dental appointment at lunch time and we carried on this afternoon. I had a deadline of 5 pm as DH was delivering them for a Christmas 'do' this evening Dad, DD, DS and DH when he got home we finally finished at 5.05pm. DH rang me about 6 and said that the hotel were delighted and were sorry to drop the order in last minute (it was confirmed last Saturday morning, I ordered the stuff on Saturday afternoon and I had the black paper by Wednesday-thank you so much Peter , you saved my bacon again!- the rest of the stuff arrived just before we got back yesterday) Just got to wait and see what the clients thought fo them.

Thank you also to Beryl for this gorgeous award

You are just really kind for thinking of me all the time and I am very grateful :) I will pass it on tomorrow.

Incidentally, the Simply Red concert at the O2 arena was fab and I was really impressed with the place. We next go to see them in Sheffield at the end of March :))

I am now going to have an early night, I am shattered. I now have wireless connection so I will blog hop while I'm watching Strictly tomorrow :)

Take care and thanks for looking. xx


Anesha said...

Well done on getting your order completed.

Kate said...

The crackers look great - I don't envy you at all with that order :)