Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad, bad blogger!

I can't believe that it is nine days since I last blogged.........where is time going? I thought this year may have been a tad slow business wise, how wrong was I? I seem to be making wedding stationery in my sleep and when I'm not making stationery I am meeting with some lovely couples who are looking for my help in organising their wedding. That isn't a complaint though, I love every minute of it, who wouldn't enjoy that! :)

So since I last showed my face I have made

These were made for a wedding fayre last Sunday but they will also be used for my next one on 26th April which will save me a bit of time ;)

I also made an extra 5 invitations for my daughter as she keeps finding people to invite to the evening 'do'. She's paying for the evening so I just keep churning out the invitations LOL

So my 'to do' list is making a comeback!!

Cards for DD's birthday on Monday

Nephew's 21st on Tuesday

A forum birthday on 10th (same day as mine :))

DH's BiL birthday

DH's cousin's birthday

DH's brother's birthday

70 Thank you cards

Wedding stationery samples

Got my new Debbi Moore design kit this morning so need to get them done too

Mother's day cards

Not bad eh?!?

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