Sunday, February 01, 2009


I've had the same tag twice for this on but I don't mind cos I like this one!! The first time was from Beryl during the week (sorry I'm late!) and the second time is from Jo
You have to go to where you keep your pictures - go to the sixth album and choose the sixth picture in that album - upload it and explain it, then tag six more people.
So for my first picture (if you don't see me around any more, you'll know that DH has seen the pic and strangled me :))

For those of you who drop by on a regular basis, you will know that DH~ is a part time DJ. The hotel where he has a residency decided last year that they were having a 70s and 80 theme and he was booked in for the Christmas parties. He has had 70s gear since before I met him but it had somehow 'shrunk!' over the last few year so he decided to have a new out fit made. He ordered the shoes and tried them on as soon as he got up. What he hadn't realised was that I was taking photos of Christmas cards and had my camera in my hand.........hence the lovely shot of him in his jamas and platform soled shoes. How (un)cool LOL It's quite funny to see him dressed up as he also wears an afro wig. He is 6' 3" in his bear feet so is ginormous in shoes and wig :)

One for Jo.

This is Squirt, the smallest of our dippy cats. We were trying to pack to go to Greece last year and she wouldn't get out of the suitcase! She has to sit in any container she comes across.

Sorry about the delay in posting my pics, I got distracted by Dancing on Ice!

As most people have done this tag I won't list anyone just yet. If you haven't done it and are on my list then I will hunt you out over the next couple of days :)

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Beryl said...

We've had Dancing on Ice on too. (Results prog. at the moment) but I've been trying to catch up on blog posts at the same time. Great piccies. Thaks for sharing.
Beryl xx