Saturday, April 25, 2009

Christening invitations

These were commissioned by a couple whose wedding invitations I made about four years ago! I was really chuffed as you don't get many repeat orders in the wedding stationery game LOL
and the little bag they were delivered in.

I used the sizzix dress die, Nestabilities and a little silver teddy charm to replace the shoes, which have now been discontinued! They were greatly received anyway :)I did find one supplier who were advertising the shoes on their web site. Unfortunately I am still waiting for a reply to my emails..........which I know arrived as I received automated replies.

This is a real big bug bear of mine, not replying to emails. There is an owner of a well known craft site who is good enough to send me her newsletters every couple of weeks but can't be bothered to answer my emails. I've emailed, used the contact form on her web site, left comments on her blog (which when I've gone back and looked, have been deleted) yet I have posted links etc to her site and generally praised her work at every opportunity. It takes a couple of seconds to say "thanks, got your email, bit busy at the mo, will catch you later!" I always, always answer mine within 24 hours but most of them I answer straight away and I am busy just like everyone else. Grrrrr !Sorry about that, rant over ;)


Beryl said...

It's great to have a repeat order but I'm intrigued as to why. Are they taking their vows again or getting married again to different people?
Beryl xx

Beryl said...

Der. Just read the title of the post propperly. Ignore earlier post please. Congrats on keeping the custom going.
Beryl xx

Jo Austin said...

love how you've done these invites.. they look great without the shoes!

Love Jo xxx