Monday, April 06, 2009

Met the boss!

There was a Max Papercraft show in Doncaster yesterday, which I found out about by accident during the week. So as Debbi Moore Designs were there I thought I would pop along and say hello :) I've been designing for Debbi for almost two years now and this was the first time I'd met her and what a lovely person she is too (but taller than I thought she would be :))

I've just been clearing off my desk top ready to load it with this weeks work and came across a couple of bits from last week.
50 thank you cards
a memory stick, (for my lovely friend who came with us to the concert) with all the photos DH took at the concert a couple of weeks ago.
And finally
a seating plan in gold and dark green. This looks lovely IRL because the green is a really dark pearlescent which shimmers in the light. I don't do much green stationery so it made a lovely change.
Off to fill up my desk top again now :)


Kathy said...

ooooh lovely stuff Jackie

Jo said...

I just love your work're so versatile and creative x So sorry I haven't been around....been a very naughty blogger x