Friday, January 18, 2008

My craft room

I don't think I've actually entered one of these blog candy posts before but I thought I would have a go at this one. I am really proud of my craft room. To some it will always look messy no matter what I do to it and it is definitely shrinking (!) but it is all mine and it cost us (Only Joking ) a lot of money so I could have it..............we had to have a conservatory built as this was the dining room :))

It doesn't actually look too bad to say that I've been working all week. I have to share the room with hubby. He has his desk and pc etc behind where I was stood to take this last photo. I keep trying to move him into the cupboard under the stairs with the coats and tumble drier, but he's not having any!!! LOL


Jo said...

Just amazes me how much stuff you have!! Thanks for joining in.

My Paper World said...

You lucky thing! Your room looks fab!

malieta said...

Too funny girl....your hubby isn't having any of that Harry Potter nonsense! lmao
I love your studio area and I wish mine were larger (or is it shrinking too?)

Han said...

You have loads of stuff - fab room. xx