Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Monday

morning everyone :) Mind you, looking out of my studio window it isn't very happy looking. It's very grey but the sun is trying to poke it's little head through all of the miserable least it isn't cold!! There, in true British style, that's got the conversation about the weather out of the way lol.

I had a card order to make over the weekend and as usual, left it till the last minute. The brief was that it was for a 10 year old James Bond fan so after faffing around with this little lot for ages (I always seem to end up with piles of dud copie paper when I'm doing something like this :))

to this

Apparently, the lad in question went to a fancy dress party as JB and has liked him ever since, hence the tux and not the gun or the car on the front of the card!

It was also DD1 and SiL's first wedding anniversary yesterday (it doesn't seem a year since the wedding) so I came up with this mini album/card for them.

I bought the kit from Funky Hand a while ago and had it cut out on my desk for a good couple of weeks before finally making it up this weekend. I've left large enough spaces in it for them to add some of their own photos and just added a couple of poems, some E Line Primas from Creative Treasures. The heart on the front of the card is made using Sizzix dies....this one is one of their place cards (which were suspended from wine glasses) with the name plate and ribbon taken off. It was well received!

Have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to and I hope your sky is brighter than our. LOL.

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