Saturday, March 14, 2009

Challenge #7

BIG BIRTHDAY BASH CHALLENGE WEEK END – CHALLENGE SEVEN today I am lucky enough to have a GLAMOROUS ASSISTANT JACKIE AKA JAKE well maybe assistant is NOT actually correct at all cos Jackie has done the whole challenge and fab it is too Jackie wants YOU to make A FRAME BIRTHDAY CARD and she has been EXTRA helpful and produced step by step instructions so NO EXCUSES and the catch......of course there is a LITTLE catch it is so we need a RED NOSE somewhere on your card and it MUST be a BIRTHDAY CARD

He cool is that, my first ever real live challenge and here is my card
This is a different one to the one I actually made in the step by step, the other one was a lighter red but it obviously still goes with the Red Nose part of the challenge! The checked paper at the back is by My Minds Eye and the clown image is a stamp by Sally-Ann from when she sold stamps on ebay. I wanted to put one on either side of my aperture so I stamped one of the clowns then photocopied it and reversed the image before I printed it. I'm quite pleased with the way the card turned out :) I love the 3d effect of these cards but also like the way they flatten to go into an envelope.

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